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At FFT, we aim to explore under used surplus materials within our communities informed by a stringent R&D Process. We refer to these materials as 'commodities' as these are ultimately untapped resources waiting to be discovered and creatively re-purposed. 

We are very acutely aware of the current environmental, ecological and health related global epidemic related to our reliance on fossil fuel based plastics. It is therefore our aim at FFT, to attempt to provide novel solutions to this issue by focusing our research to provide some answers to our global plastic addiction.


Our practice concept is based on classic circular economy principles which attempt to mitigate the amount of waste associated to a consumer society by re-routing the flow 'commodities' often destined for landfill.



At FFT we a continuing to further improve our existing technologies whist further continuing to develop new ideas alongside our collaborative partners in industry. These vary from various sectors from Product design, Architecture & Construction, Health & Biotechnology and Electronics. The aim is to thoroughly investigate every surplus based commodity to ensures practical, useable and unique products can be created for both the everyday and high tech applications.


Our currently research sectors include:

Sustainable Protein and Plant based Biopolymers


Surplus Bi-Products - Timber and Farming Industries


Surplus Granular Waste - Commercial & Domestic 

Some of our Research Partners




If you have a project, product use case or you simply would like to explore collaboration opportunity, please do get in touch. We are always looking for fellow innovators & entrepreneurs with knowledgable input or investment opportunities   


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